Monday, December 17, 2012 decorating

Sometimes pinterest has the best ideas. I saw this, and thought it would be perfect for Short Stuffs room. Here's where I got the idea: 

Too bad I grossly underestimated how many bulbs to use for her tree. I hardly got halfway up the tree, I had to go out and buy 3 more containers! I got them at Walmart and the one closest to me was sold out of the colors I needed. So when I was in the bigger town with the bigger Walmart I checked there and they only had pink and blue. I just decided to make do with those. Instead of using beads I used garland and I'm glad I did. It was much easier filling in the holes. The garland just slipped right in.
Here's how it turned out.
Pretty huh?

Now for some lessons learned. You can see the bottom is all garland, there's a reason, I was about 5 ornaments short and I was afraid what I needed was all sold out! So, I do what I do best, made do with what I had. I thought about leaving holes in the back, but I didn't want it to look like it was half done. Or chopping off the bottom a little, but I'd probably ruin the thing, so I just stole the ones from the bottom and called it a day :)

Guess what I couldn't find while I was doing this? My hotglue gun! Guess where it was hiding? In the craft organizer (or a door shoe organizer with crafts in it) on the back of the toy room door, where its suppose to be. As my mom would say, "You'd loose your head, if it wasn't attached!" ...she's right, and its getting worse with age and motherhood, and I'm only 27, ahh!!! Before you do this project, locate your hot glue gun, I wasted so much time putting ornaments back in thier respective hole. If I did this again, I'd do 2 rows then hot glue. Sometimes, you do have to re-arrange a little. I guess its a good thing I didn't do that right away because I re-arranged all the purple ones after the purple was sold out at the store. SO before you do that, have MORE than enough! I probably used close to 100! If these ornaments go on sale after christmas, I am buying them all up to make more! The shorter garland at wal-mart was the perfect size. (I will get more specifics on what I used later)
Also when I tried to shove the ornaments into the top of the tree, it broke. Thats why it doesn't look pointy at the top. Oh, freakin well. I'm not selling this on etsy or at a craft show or anything.

It's my best shot!


  1. Sorry I'm so late to see this!! I think it turned out great!

  2. Despite all the mishaps, which are common around here, yes! I agree. Thanks for the inspiration!