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I am giving this blogging thing my best shot. With me, that's all you can ask for.  I started this blog because sometimes we as women, have this need to make it look like we have everything together. So many other blogs out there are of seemingly perfect wives and mothers. Mothers who are gourmet chefs, interior decorators, master gardeners, and professional photographers.  Mothers who know exactly how they want to parent, are in perfect shape, and keep their house immaculate. Or it would appear that way from their blog.

Let me tell you, I am NOT that wife, or mother! I hope you find this blog refreshing and honest. I promise I won't pretend my family is something its not. 

A couple things about my family....I am married to a wonderfully patient man.  He has taught me how to compromise, about the meaning of love and family, and how to forgive.  He is my hero for so many reasons!

We have a 3 year old daughter. She is very expressive and sensitive, but she also loves to wrestle and get dirty! She has taught me patience, a whole new meaning of love, and how to enjoy the moment.

I work full time for a non-profit, and have a degree in Social Work. When I started out, I wanted to change the world! My husband would say I look at the world through rose colored glasses, which is true.  I'm a go with the flow kind of gal, and know how to make do with what I have.

We live in rural Iowa, in an old rented farmhouse. (No, my husband is not a farmer!) Its the simple life for us.  We try to live life in the slow lane, and really just enjoy the ride, love others, and live in a way that reflects our values.

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